The Art & Science of Search, from Algorithms to Answers.


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Anonymous at 20:39 on 2 May 2013

Great talk, thoroughly enjoyed. Dave demonstrated an in depth understanding of search engines and algorithms. He was well prepared, stayed on target timewise and was able to answer all the questions asked of him. Would definitely visit another class given by him.

Thank you for the positive feedback.

I enjoyed the talk though I was hoping for a little more depth, I have been fairly engrossed in this for several years now so much of it was review for me.

Still I have been daunted by the prospect of writing my own Lucene code, instead have worked with SOLR and now Elastic Search. Your examples however will likely serve to change that. Very clear, concise and reachable. I look forward to playing around with Lucene directly now.

P.S. You didnt mention Elastic Search. If you have not tried it yet you really should, it is much more accessible than SOLR, and works every bit as well.

Anonymous at 16:05 on 9 May 2013

It was one of my favorite classes from the Open West Conference. I really enjoyed it.