Using D3, Cubism, and WebSockets to Make Your Little Heart Go Pitter-Pat


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Anonymous at 22:02 on 3 May 2013

A few technical glitches and broken demos, but good subject matter and interesting ideas. Thanks for putting this together guys, 4/5.

This session gave me an idea of what's possible. I would have liked to see a greater variety of charts demoed but it was a good session anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to share what you have done with D3. About to start a project that will use D3 for some visualization. Had a hard time following a bit of your demo, I am sure the network problems didn't help.

It made my little heart go pitter-pat. It was really interesting to see the demo, and see what Cubism can do. The code was too complex to show well in a short class, but I think they did a decent job considering how complex it was.