Vector Graphics on the Web with Raphaël


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Very interesting what can be done with JS. Daniel did well explaining the examples.

Anonymous at 12:44 on 4 May 2013

Awesome job! Loved the presentation. Thank you for showing us your example of the world clock. Did awesome 5/5

Good presentation with easily understandable examples of how SVGs work.

Anonymous at 09:47 on 6 May 2013

This was a great presentation with a fresh perspective and practical examples. Well worth the time spent.

Thanks all for your kind comments, and for taking the time to watch my presentation. Slides available at the link above.

Anonymous at 14:07 on 6 May 2013

This presentation was interesting and done very well. The presenter was well-prepared, professional and affable. Mixing in examples with code snippets was very nicely done. It was very easy to follow and stay interested.