Conversational technologies such as Amazon's Alexa are one of the latest new platforms where brands and companies can augment the platform with their own custom functionality. On Alexa these are called skills, and in this presentation we will provide the steps for building an Alexa skill with a finite state-machine (FSM) and hosting it on AWS.

This presentation will include an introduction to building an Alexa skill and some of the tools that can jump start your skill development. The code examples provided will be in node.js.

Steven is the CTO at a RAIN. [RAIN]( provides Voice Design and Development services, RAIN has built many of the [top skills]( currently on the Alexa platform, including Starbucks, Campbell's Kitchen, and Tide. [177]


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Steven Hansen (Speaker) at 00:20 on 14 Jul 2017

In this presentation we'll start with a conversation around why we should care about Alexa. What reason would I have as a developer or business to care about the Alexa platform.