Rust is an systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

Language Features:

- zero-cost abstractions
- move semantics
- guaranteed memory safety
- threads without data races
- trait-based generics
- pattern matching
- type inference
- minimal runtime
- efficient C bindings

After attending this course you will:

- be able to create, compile, and run your own simple Rust project
- be familiar with the long list of Rust features
- understand some of Rust's strength's and weaknesses
- be aware of the current state of the Rust community
- start to understand the ownership system's 3 parts: ownership, borrowing, and lifetimes
- know some basic Rust

This session will be a mix of show-and-tell-slideshow and live-coding. [125]


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It felt a bit like I was watching a recorded training session or it was being read, but the content was great. I looked at Rust a little bit a few months back but after this talk, I really want to dig into it. It looks really nice. I like how Nathan explained the various rules and ownership which govern how everything in Rust works. I wish I could have seen the follow-up talk.

Benson Price at 10:04 on 14 Jul 2017

Can you provide your slides?

Matt Banz at 00:12 on 15 Jul 2017

Wow! What a well-polished presentation! I felt like I was drinking from a fire-hose, and loving every minute of it!

Nathan Stocks (Speaker) at 15:19 on 16 Jul 2017

Thank you for the feedback, everyone! I really appreciate the it!

I added a link to the slides at the top of this page. Be forewarned: there are nearly 600 slides!

Does anyone know if OpenWest will provide some way to obtain the videos of the presentation?

Pedro Salgado at 20:03 on 19 Jul 2017

Brilliant presentation! Slides, content and humor!

Anonymous at 09:49 on 21 Sep 2017

I cant find a link to the talk, could you please help me with that.

Anonymous at 09:49 on 21 Sep 2017

I cant find a link to the talk, could you please help me with that.

As far as I am aware, OpenWest has not provided any way to access any recorded videos of any of my talks. If anyone has more information, I would love to get access to my own recordings.