OBS Studio is a FLOSS application that puts you in the directors chair for live streaming or recording. It is built as an application to help video game or creative streamers share their computer screens with a live audience, but it's power goes beyond that. Anyone who is using their computer to tell a story can benefit from the professional touch that OBS can provide. It can manage multiple capture devices, independently combine captured window areas, and overlay text and graphics. I'll show you what this software can do and what you can do with it. A simple example: Presenters often like to include their twitter handle on their slides. When the presenter goes to the terminal, the twitter handle isn't displayed. If the presenter uses obs studio to control the projector display, obs studio can trivially be configured to overlay a twitter handle, company graphic, whatever.


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I, unfortunately, missed the for 10 or 15 minutes waiting for another talk that was having some serious technical issues, but what I saw made me excited to try out OBS. If I had more time to figure it all out I'd probably use it on my upcoming talks. Well done.