Activity and interest in software development for robotics and autonomous vehicles is increasing at a fast pace. Open source licenses such as the BSD, MPL and Apache licenses allow for open source robotics software to be used for commercial applications alongside academic and individual research and development.

This talk will cover related architecture and examples of the use of open source software in the robotics industry including the development of autonomous vehicles. Among success stories here and components used in this area are:
* ROS, the Robot Operating System (also see OpenWest presentation by my colleague Brad Baillio on Thursday)
* Gazebo, robot simulation tool with 3D graphical display and interfaces
* Eigen, a C++ template library for linear algebra, matrices and solvers
* GNU Octave, a scientific programming language with GUI

Also serving as a foundation for robotics development are well known operating systems and languages including Linux distributions, and the C++ and Python programming languages among others.


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