"A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing."
-- Alan Perlis

Take a step towards enlightenment by exploring Scheme, a practical and simple dialect of LISP. This talk will demystify those concepts functional programming novices find the most confusing, giving you a whole new way of thinking about programming.

When you let go of the imperative programming habits ingrained in your mind you, will realize that not only is there no spoon, but it's recursion all the way down! After returning from the dizzying heights of an unboundedly recursive function call (without exhausting the stack), you will find that your Kung-Foo has become strong enough to power through the mundane "challenges" everyday languages present you.

The LISP family of languages are the among the oldest languages in active use today. Learn why today's hottest languages are still trying to catch up to the granddaddy of functional programming. [140]


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Matt Banz at 00:24 on 15 Jul 2017

Erik, great job! I love your presentation style! It's so accessible. It's like sitting down to have an enjoyable conversation with a friend, and learn hard-core functional programming at the same time!