SOLID - a set of concepts for designing maintainable and understandable software - yet some of these ideas can be hard to understand themselves. Scholarly definitions and generic examples of these are often still confusing and not applicable to real world applications. By taking a look at an actual application, we'll explore these principles in action, and demonstrate the benefits of following them. [88]


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This talk was quite solid (HA!) and gave examples close to ones I've seen in real code and then showed how it could be modified to follow the SOLID principles as well as explaining how or why each original code example violated SOLID and why that could be a problem when maintaining the software. Very well done.

This was my favorite talk of the day. I loved the examples and simple explanations for SOLID concepts.

I did have a little trouble keeping up with the pace of the presentation. There were a few times where I felt that I'd be able to understand the example much better given an extra 15 or 30 seconds to look at the code on the slide before moving on the the next.