You’ve done it. You’ve successfully created an app that’s worth sharing with the rest of the world. But going international requires much more than an optimistic attitude and Google translator. A half-translated application that speaks to consumers like a robot won’t do your product justice or get you the business you need.

The internationalization of apps is more than just mapping a list of strings from one language to another. In my presentation, I’ll cover the hard questions every product team should ask before tackling international markets. For example:

* Are you accounting for pluralization rules in different languages?
* Is your system flexible enough to handle a different order of words?
* How do you handle differing date and number formats?
* What do you do about strings in your database that need to be translated?

Coming from a team that’s just internationalized a massive diagramming web application used by over 8 million people worldwide, I’m confident this presentation will teach you a thing or two. [255]


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