Every new day seems to bring about new revelations regarding your data and your privacy. Many of these decisions are made without your consent, and often without your knowledge. The businesses and data aggregators that are pursuing and collecting data about you are interested in doing so without limitation. Allowing this to happen can have some serious consequences.


Once your data is collected a number of outcomes are certain:

- You can never remove it
- You can never control how it is used
- You can never control who it is shared with
- You can never know what conclusions are being drawn from the data (or how they are being drawn)
- You can never correct erroneous data

All of these consequences leave you as simply a subject for analysis and monetary gain.


I believe that the only way to solve these problems is to take control of the data you generate or allow for collection. When you limit the data you generate or allow to be collected you become your own superhero with the following powers:

- You control who has your information before it can be stored without the need to worry about removal
- You control whether your data can be used at all and can prevent misuse entirely
- You can decide with whom to share your data
- You prevent any conclusions you do not expressly allow (including erroneous ones)
- You can be free from worrying about erroneous data by controlling the data in the first place


In addition to careful consideration of your data and your privacy, some tools are needed to make your privacy goals a reality. In this presentation we will discuss and demonstrate effective open-source privacy tools that put you in control of your data. [300]


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Chitvan Singh at 08:46 on 26 Jun 2018

HI, is it possible to get the slides for this talk?