Often times when you are attempting to perform tasks in AWS, you have to issue a command, wait until the object enters into a particular state, and only then continue on by issuing yet another command (or clicking something else in the UI). In this talk, I will demonstrate how to take control of AWS tasks using the AWS CLI and bash shell scripting. By combining the strategies discussed in this talk, you will no longer have to wait on AWS, nor will you have to employ multi-step, manual processes. Instead, let your scripts do the work for you! We'll start by introducing the AWS CLI and the basics, then I will demonstrate some simple aws cli commands, turn them into functions, and then move on to more complex scripting such as stopping and then starting an ec2 instance, all from one script. We'll also learn about --filter, --query (JMESPath!), and a handful of tips & tricks. [213]

Download the presentation (with embedded video): https://upload.openwest.org/s/Q4bFaBMTXtoJgC5


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Bob Davis at 14:09 on 7 Jun 2018

Excellent talk with great tips and sweet videos for the demo!