This talk is for you, the documentarian, developer, student, or community
member wondering what you can contribute to open source and how to get started
Contributing to open source is a great way to give back to a project you care
about, grow a community around software, and help make a project more useful.
But often those who want to contribute have a few assumptions or misconceptions
that prevent them from making that first pull request, including:

* I’m not a good enough programmer to contribute to open source
* I don’t know the repo well enough to contribute
* I don’t write code, so I have nothing to contribute
* I’m just a student / community member / manager / llama, I don’t have anything to contribute
* Contributing to open source is hard
* Contributing to open source doesn’t benefit me at all

In this talk I'll discuss several ways open source projects need your help,
what to look for in a project you’re contributing to, and some first steps to
making your first pull request. The truth is that everyone who uses a
technology can help that technology, whether by submitting a bug report,
correcting a spelling error in documentation, submitting a patch to fix a bug,
adding unit tests, updating dependencies...the list goes on. [59]


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