Getting started with Ansible can be quick and easy, almost as easy as using SSH!

In this hands on workshop we will dive into Ansible. Starting with simple command-line examples, then moving into roles and complex configurations which demonstrate the flexibility and idempotency of Ansible.

The remainder of the workshop will cover a basic exercise to getting more hands-on familiarity with ansible, playbooks, inventories, tasks, variables, roles, templates, modules, security, configurations, etc.

The remaining time, if any, will be Ad Hoc. Essentially, we'll cover advanced topics, gotchas, questions, etc. Including possible topics like:

* How to leverage Ansible for cloud and in-house deployments.
* Ansible Container
* Ansible Galaxy
* How to build your own module
* Callback Plugins
* Your specific questions!

Things you should bring to the workshop:
- A laptop that can use SSH
- Ansible, installed on laptop
- An extra battery for the laptop (optional)
- Your brain


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