We need to bring civic education and engagement to the 21st century!

The first step in increasing civic engagement is providing an easily accessed portal into the world of politics and governance. The next important aspect is to keep the information provided personally relevant to the user. When only relevant information is provided to the user, they are more likely to stay engaged and follow through with learning about their representatives and contacting them without hesitation. We are building a mobile app that provides these two important steps in one convenient location. With it, voters will be able to know exactly who is running for office to represent them. Much time is spent attempting to figure out who our options really are in primary races. Many potential voters become apathetic and disengaged at this stage of the process. We are working to take all of the guesswork out of the equation and let the voter decide who adds up to be the best representative to earn their vote!

Why the GNU GPL v3 License?

Everyone can use it.
Anyone can improve it.
Software designed for civic education ought to remain open no matter who may repackage it for their own purposes.


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