Powershell is a scripting language and environment that is integrated with all modern version of the Windows Operating System. It provides access to many powerful functions of the underlying operating system that can be used for both good and bad.

This tutorial will leverage the work of many leading security experts (such as @mattifestation, @Carlos_Perez, @explanoit , @HackingDave and others) to provide students with a variety of tools and techniques for using power shell during Information Security Testing . This will include both Offensive (Enumeration, Exploitation, Persistence, Post-Exploitation) and Defensive (Enumeration, Detection, Analysis, and Remediation) techniques.

This is an Mid-Level to Advanced course. Participants should be familiar with the Windows Operating System and using PowerShell.

Participants should bring their own laptop with VMWare player installed. Laptops should have a minimum of 8GB or RAM and be capable of running 3 VM's simultaneously. (2x Windows 7 and 1x Kali Linux).

VM's Links and/or Build Instructions will be provided prior to the Talk. [363]


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