There's a crazed Vim evangelical in your life. They're always talking about it and trying to get you to use it, but you're skeptical. You tried it once, and it took you 5 minutes and a visit to [this page]( to figure out how to quit the damn thing. How is anyone supposed to use this?

I used to be like you- until that one fateful day, when I found something hiding under those strange keybindings. Something that convinced me to give it a shot, and made me a better programmer by not worrying about the little things.

I'm not going to teach you how to press :q!. I'm going to show you atomic edits, composability, and other advanced editing techniques- just the cool parts that make Vim worth using. I'll introduce you to a mindset of combining simple tools on-the-fly in powerful ways, which embodies the Unix philosophy and makes you a better programmer. If you know Vim, you'll learn something new. If you don't know Vim, you'll absolutely want to learn it after this.


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