As PHP had evolved over the last few years, programmers and their projects have evolved, too. With this the needs for an integrated development environment (IDE) like Netbeans, Zend Studio or Eclipse PDT got higher and higher. Certainly the question appears, how an IDE should look like and what are the needs to be covered? This session will tell you by the example of the Eclipse PDT how such an IDE may look like. This workshop will give you a hands on and detailed instructions on how to get rid of performance issues in big projects. It'll show you how to use subversion to keep track of you changes in a multi developer environment, and last but not least I will talk about how to make your daily development easier by integrating phpDocumentor and using the Eclipse PHP Tool Integration (PTI) extension. This workshop shall enable you to setup Eclipse for your daily work and therefore I propose you bring your ready setup laptop, so you can practice right away following my instructions.


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The Workshop on Eclipse by Bastian was very good , we had a hands on Experience on the Lots of Inner perspective's and preferences and wow there were lot of features in Eclipse and Bastian helped in configuring all these and when we met with certain issues Bastian was there to help us and he answered to all our questions very clearly , Thanks Bastian for Presenting a wonderful workshop

It was good. But since few of the participants were not prepared for the workshop almost half of the time was wasted in that, despite Bastian Feder has clearly indicated the prerequisite applications for the workshop in the OSIDays site. From my perspective, instead of spending the time in setting up the prerequisites we should have simply proceeded on the planned topics. Anyway, the session was really helpful. Thanks.