Managing large numbers of production sites can be time consuming, even painful. Drupal supports multiple sites from a single code base, but this doesn't doesn't help much when you are dealing with more than a handful of sites at a time. The Aegir project changes all this. Dave Hall will explain how he uses Aegir and Drupal to deploy and manage thousands of production sites. In this workshop, Dave will walk attendees through installing aegir, building a platform and deploying their first site. At the end of the session participants should be confident using aegir and associated tools to manage their Drupal sites.


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Dave's an exceptional communicator and he made the whole task of running hundreds of Drupal sites sound so simple. I plan to use this new insight gained from this talk in my current assignments.

Good speaker to teach about Drupal and the projects for Drupal. If you are in aegir group you will surely know how active he is . I used to play around Aegir and know the power. Many of the Drupal guys were not playing around it and his presentation definitely have made them to think about start using Aegir project.

Thanks once again for your valuable time. I think the internet connectivity have made some trouble showing the power of drush and drush-make for those who are new to Drupal.

Dave's session is really great. The session is very helpful for those who want to do things efficiently and fast. I wanted to use more tools which help to do things efficiently. The session helped me how to use Drush, Drush Make and Aegir.

It was a gr8 session, Now i m using drush only because of ur excellent session