There is plenty of hype about HTML5 but not many good developer tools or libraries. In this talk, I will define HTML5 at this point in time, look at the developers tools (and their limitations) available, and discuss where HTML5 stands in relation to proprietary approaches like Flash (JavaFX, Silverlight). The best scenario where it can be used is while you are traveling. As travel is on of the things which everyone has done in their life at one point or another , now you can make your traveling better with the use of these mobile applications. For travel, if you have a platform where you can get information about every tourist spot depending on your GPS location in this world as well as customer's review, write your own reviews along with many other features then I bet it can beat any social network.This is the framework we have created for you to be able to develop any travel mobile application using our services which you can use in your applications. In Phase 3, We will talk about framework available like Phone Gap and our open source framework for creating iPhone mobile apps without knowledge of Objective C. If you don't know objective-C , then how can you contribute to iPhone/iPad technology. We have an answer for that. We are developing a technology which will be open source which will let you create iPhone applications on the web interface. Export it as iPhone application.


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