PHP 5.3 brings a whole new approach to PHP development with the arrival of some long awaiting features as such as namespaces in PHP. This talk will take you through all the important new changes in PHP 5.3 (namespaces, closures, late-static binding, SPL, mysqlnd) and give you a walkthrough of the new features of the language. On an even-important note, this talk will cover the important movement that frameworks such as Zend Framework, Symfony, PEAR are taking and touch base on the concepts of the Lithium framework and it's #nosql native support.


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Great speaker with quality content, really enjoyed it. Was the most engaging OSIDays presentation I saw, thanks David.

It was a nice presentation on new version of PHP.

Hey David Coallier ,
You have done a wonderful work introducing PHP 5.3 . It was awesome , but I know you have more in your hands to tell us. I have loved if those guys have given you more time than for Microsoft guys. We PHP developers were with open-source and also it was an open-source conference than a properitery Microsoft Azure conference :P .
When Nate tweeted you was coming with Lithium , I thought you will be going much deeper with it . It was good and you rocks man. I know every one who have seen your presentation and knows something about PHP have loved you and the way you presented it .

Thanks once again for the great slides and your presence .


It was awesome presentation, you got lot of talents buddy.. keep rocking. All the best.

tat was a wonderful and great presentation and worth it.

Hi sir Anonymous. I do not understand why you say FrApi in php 5.3 talk. I attend both workshop and talk and only workshop has FrApi and no mention of FrApi in the 5.3 powerpoint or in presentation.
Thank you much mr David for giving this g8 powerpoint. You have g8 presence and I enjoy to listen

He is very quality speaker. I was very enjoyed this session.

IT was an interesting session,