Later this year, Symfony2 will be released. It is a major improvement over the popular symfony 1 framework. Based on an innovative architecture, it's a very easy to learn framework for newcomers, and a very flexible one for advanced users. In this session, I will give a quick tour on the main Symfony2 features and its main strengths, from the dependency injection container, to the caching layer.


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It was a very good presentation on Symfony 2 from Fabien , it was very informative and learnt a lot

Some of the codes and words in slides where in blue and was not visible as the light was falling on the screen.
It was not Fabien's problem , due to the problems in mic sometimes his voice was not audible.

Thanks for the great presentation.

Good presentation. It was very practical. Just that we didnt have enough time.

It was a very good workshop by fabien. Thank you fabien gave a wonderful session.