Are you interested in contributing to an open source project but aren't sure where to get started? Have you tried to contribute but gave up trying to figure out the contribution process? This tutorial will walk you through the contribution process and the tools you need to make contributions to popular open source projects. Bring your laptop, because we won't just be talking about contributions, you will actually make a contribution during this tutorial. Come to the talk a developer; leave as an open source contributor!


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Scott Dudley at 10:04 on 7 Sep 2017

The talk is great, but the title/description could be more explicit. I was expecting a talk more focused on open source projects and the nature of the open source community. Rather, this presentation seems primarily a Git and Github tutorial with exercises which is not as beneficial for someone who's pretty comfortable with Git and Github already.

Excellent talk! It was pitched more toward introductory Git/Github usage than I expected, which for me personally suited just fine as I haven't used git in several years and needed the refresher.

Beth's encouragement and pointers towards good places to start is great for me - having had some really unpleasant experiences with overly hostile and combative open source communities many years ago, I haven't wanted to jump back in to that den of vipers.

It was a great talk. It is more was geared towards git than open source development. I was expecting more like hands on existing opensource fork it and fix a issue and submit an PR.

Savio Resende at 18:16 on 12 Sep 2017

Great workshop. With simplicity you helped me to understand better how to interact with Open Source!