Most developers don't get the luxury of working on a greenfield project using a web framework of their choice. Often times we find ourselves inheriting a legacy codebase written years ago for an end-of-life version of PHP and a now-defunct web framework. The initial temptation might be, "I'll just rewrite all this on x framework". But hold on there my framework friend, a rewrite is costly and is rarely the correct answer. We'll discuss some common pitfalls when getting a legacy codebase ready for PHP 7 and what we can do to make the upgrade path as painless as possible. These incremental changes will keep the business running while improving security, stability and maintainability of the codebase.


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Adam Culp at 17:11 on 9 Sep 2017

Talented speaker, great content with usable action items and nice coverage of the topic. Speaker had great insight on the subject.

One of my favorite speaker ever! Good job Sammy.
Great slides, the ones that really help you follow the speech and highlight the content instead of distracting you with a bunch of text.
Very interesting subject, with a lot of details on PHP