A look into the internals of PHP; How it came to be, how it works, and how PHP 7 leapt far out in front of its predecessor on performance and memory consumption with some thoughts on what's next for PHP 8.


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Daevid Vincent at 16:50 on 8 Sep 2017

I thought this was going to be a snooze-fest, and way over my head, but Sara really broke it down like a fraction to slides/examples that I could really grok. The slides and live example really helped. It is interesting to see how the guts work on a language I've used since PHP/FI ! I learned about ASTs too. Really glad I got to see this talk and fully recommend to others. Looking forward to her posting the slides up here on Joind.In too.

Jimzy Lui at 22:26 on 8 Sep 2017

Fascinating! I can't wait to go through the slides again for the details she skipped to save time.

Rithy Chhen at 09:12 on 9 Sep 2017

Amazing. Good to know what under the hood. I will go over the slide again.

This was amazing! Fascinating content that Sara is obviously passionate and deeply knowledgeable about, and she's an engaging and entertaining speaker too. This is the presentation I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint.

Recommendation for future conferences - more like this, please!

Aga Lee at 19:22 on 19 Sep 2017

Very informative and insightful. Brilliant speaker who knows her stuff and gets you into it!
The slidedeck was easy to follow and stay engaged.