Test driven development (TDD) is still a subject all developers agree upon it's a great thing, but never get around to actually do it for many reasons. In this workshop I use real world business requirements on legacy code for which we need to fix bugs and add features, but we're doing it in a TDD way. No matter if you're already a testing veteran or a junior developer just started working yesterday, this workshop will give you the skills and passion to continue your career as a Test Driven Developer. BONUS: We also cover the test migrations required to move from PHP 5.x to PHP 7.x!


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Daevid Vincent at 15:37 on 8 Sep 2017

Good talk. Very hands on.

Jimzy Lui at 22:45 on 8 Sep 2017

I was a little lost because I never did php test code writing like this before (though I have written test scripts 20 years ago). It was, however, good to know what can be done. I'm hoping that the slides will be put up so that I can go over them and figure this out. I now understand the concept but have to learn the implementation AND how to use PHPUnit.

The two groups sitting around me were lagging so maybe things were a bit fast.