Randomness is really important in many cryptographic contexts. Unfortunately true randomness is a non-trivial achievement for computers. In fact, using weak sources of randomness can leave your application open to myriad vulnerabilities. Enter: a good cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (CSPRNG). We'll discuss the importance of using good sources of randomness, the CSPRNG options we had in PHP 5.x, and how the new-goodness CSPRNG functions in PHP 7 work under the hood.


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Daniel Kraft at 15:13 on 8 Sep 2017

Great, entertaining slide-deck, and super informative.

Daevid Vincent at 15:50 on 8 Sep 2017

Highly entertaining talk, speaker and slides. Best of the speakers actually -- it was clear he either practiced or has given this talk before. The content that would at first glance seem too nerd-core and boring was made exciting and interesting. I had no idea that random numbers were so challenging to create! /dev/urandom FTW.

Also, who's down with entropy?! Yeah, you know me!
MC Hawking - Entropy

Rithy Chhen at 09:14 on 9 Sep 2017

I like the presentation. It was informative and very entertaining.

Excellent well-organized speaker with a great style and entertaining slide deck. Engaging content at an appropriate balance of accessibility and nuance.

Aga Lee at 19:02 on 19 Sep 2017

Engaging, energetic, and effective speaker with great contents. Randomness rethought.