Scope is a major factor in any application, from programing scope to project scope, and communication is key. We will discuss different application scopes including global, functional, class, and package scope. From there we will show how everything ties together with communication of the project itself. Why and how to stay on top of project scope and how that can make or break the final outcome.


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Daevid Vincent at 15:33 on 8 Sep 2017

No offense to the speaker as her talk was well done, but it was pretty rudimentary knowledge. This is literally coding 101 next to "Hello World". It should have been yesterday so that I could have gone to a different more advanced talk at the same time slot.

Jimzy Lui at 22:34 on 8 Sep 2017

I thought that this was pretty useful...particularly the namespaces. Once the slides are up, I'll attempt to pass on the knowledge to my workplace so these concepts are implemented correctly.

Rithy Chhen at 09:23 on 9 Sep 2017

The talk was great, though I think this should be an optional session so people with advanced knowledge can go to a different workshop session.

Adam Culp at 17:07 on 9 Sep 2017

Well delivered, entry level topic that delivered as described. The speaker knew the subject matter well, and covered it with examples very nicely.