Marcia Burrows is known for creating computer games, but recently her team of two at Goal Quest Games brought a board game from initial inspiration to publication in only 9 months. How? PHP and JavaScript. See how using PHP facilitated long-distance teamwork and helped a weak game develop into a better one. PHP / MySql enabled the team to easily coordinate updates to playing cards, and with JavaScript, updated board designs could be generated instantly. These methods allowed rapid prototyping and play-testing cycles. And, with this methodology Goal Quest Games will quickly adapt and publish a recently requested custom version. Attendees will learn the value of the rapid prototyping / play-testing cycle in game development as well as how to generate board images for print using JavaScript.


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Adam Culp at 17:15 on 9 Sep 2017

Great sharing of info in a topic area I've not thought about. Could have been a little more sharing on the technical side, but overall was an engaging talk.