Demystifying the REST API


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Anonymous at 15:27 on 11 Sep 2015

Really, really great presentation--especially with the time crunch. Thanks for flying in!

Great presenter.

Anonymous at 15:41 on 11 Sep 2015

Fantastic presentation. Even after losing ~20 minutes to projector issues, Samantha was still able to cruise through and complete her slide deck in a focused, coherent manner, which says as much about her preparation as it does about the content contained within the slides (thanks for putting them online!).

As someone who's just starting to work with APIs more frequently, I appreciated the strong overview on the background of REST, its terminology, and verb and status code use cases. I've been reading Phil Sturgeon's book on APIs, and thought this presentation was an excellent companion piece. I'd highly recommend anyone who's looking for more background on REST to see this talk at a future conference if they get the opportunity.

Anonymous at 22:54 on 17 Sep 2015