Down the Rabbit Hole: Combining Career & Community


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Anonymous at 19:05 on 12 Sep 2015

Being a relative newcomer to the idea of the PHP Community, I'd never heard of Cal Evans. he was just the guy with the PHPArch bingo stickers. You know how they often say you save the best for last? This was no exception, and I think actually proves the rule, full stop.

This talk was touching, inspiring, educational, motivational and just downright amazing. Cal is able to blend his family, the PHP community, and completely unrelated topics into this amazing laser focused... sermon, that will glue you to your seat, fill you with passion for what we do, and make you want to bend over backwards to help anyone who needs it.

If you haven't seen this talk yet, and you have a chance to, see it.

The PHP Community rocks! Thanks, Cal.

Twitter was ablaze during this one, and for good reason. Cal gave a passionate talk about his own upbringing, the role models that have made a difference in his life, the ecosystem in which we all live and work, and the power that bringing positive energy to the table can bring to a group working toward common goals. It was absolutely inspirational, and a wonderful way to close the conference.

This is the third time that I've heard this talk, and every time it just keeps getting better and more on-point. Absolutely amazing!!!

Thank you Cal for this great talk. It was by far the most helpful talk at the whole conference for me! I'm a lone developer in a small company and feel very much like I work in a vacuum. This talk made me see that there is a community of people out there willing and eager to help. You just need to know where to find them, and I have.

Thank you again

Fantastic talk. As much as Cal portrays himself as a joker, he's one of the most genuine, passionate, and thoughtful people I know in the PHP space. It came through in this talk and I learned a little more about the people I share the community with. :)

Second time seeing this, and I'm still blown away by the inspiring words and message. I knew we had to make this the closing talk for PNWPHP.