Magento 2 > 1: Modernizing an Open Source eCommerce Powerhouse


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As a dev whose only knowledge of Magento is hearing rumors of v1 jenkiness, I was impressed with the extent to which the entire architecture has been rethought for extensibility, DI, modularity, etc. Good talk that managed to convince me that Magento has been ultra-modernized.

Great review of Magento 2 and why PHP developers should be taking a look at it. I especially enjoyed some of the history behind Magento and the personal examples throughout the talk.

What a great overview of the platform and the efforts that it takes to modernize a very popular framework. And besides... Ben is the man!

Anonymous at 10:24 on 14 Sep 2015

Awesome talk, both in style and in content. I can't wait to see how Magento 2 is going to change the ecom game! I enjoyed the honesty with the current Magento 1 as well as the background as to the hard work that developers are doing to make Magento 2 the best! As Mr. Mesquita said, Ben is the man!