Never Stop Pushing: Strategies and Tools for Delivering Continuously


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Anonymous at 00:55 on 13 Sep 2015

good talk on continuously delivery.

I won't lie, having this be the last educational track session I attended at PNWPHP is probably colouring my perception of it, as I was really flagging energy wise, so my opinion may not be the most valid. It could also be that a lot of what Benji talked about is simply outside my wheelhouse, so I felt that I didn't get much out of it. I do remember taking some notes on build servers and the ideas behind them, and I have a lot of things to look up on my own time.

If you're a little bit more familiar with Continuous Integration and automated testing, I think you'll get a lot more out of this talk than I did.

Good talk... A lot of content, so it sounded a little rushed at times. Good introduction to the subject for those who are starting now on the topic.

I liked the talk but felt it was a little heavy. I think it would have been more helpful if this talk was more of an overview of all the steps needed and not so much detailed about the internal workings or problems that arrive.

Hi Arthur,

Thanks for the feedback! This is incredibly helpful. The talk content was intended to be targeted mostly at beginners, so it's good to hear that I may have glossed over the details a bit too much. I'll look at re-jiggering this to provide a better overview of some of these technologies mentioned and when/how you'd want to use them. Thanks!

Thanks Daniel! Part of the rush may have been the amount of content, so I'll look at slimming it down or stream lining a bit.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the feedback! I did want it to serve as a practical intro to how to move from a manual testing & deployment process to something more automated. So I'll take a look at how to provide a better summary level of some of these pieces. Thanks!