NoSQL Showdown - Lightning Talks Edition


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Lots of high-quality detail that answered a lot of questions I've had about NoSQL systems and cleared up lots of confusion. Distinctions were well illustrated and the strengths of each system were brought out so we could all drool over them, which was great fun.

Very well done, a lot of good info really quick. Made me think of a TED or TEDx talk/discussion. I learned a lot, thank you.

I really enjoyed the 'head-to-head' format and would like to see this done at other conferences. Frameworks? CMS? Convince the people!

There was tons of great information about Cassandra, MySQL JSON, and MongoDB packed into this talk, and I especially appreciated Jeremy's mini-presentation that gave an overview of NoSQL, the different storage methodologies, and how different database systems are categorized.

Nicely done! All three of you are extremely well spoken. Thank you Jeremy for rallying the troops. I learned some things about all three databases, and the JSON features (supposedly) coming to MySQL seem quite interesting.