PHPSpec & Behat: Two Testing Tools That Write Code For You


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First thing I do on Monday is start using Behat and PHPSpec on our project at work. Very inspiring talk!

I needed this. Bad. Thank you.

This was a good beginners session about Behat and PHPSpec. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a bit more advanced use cases. Other than that, great job.

Josh is a great speaker, and I think the reason I didn't get as much out of this talk as I would have liked is just a relative knowledge level. If you need to be at a 6 to wrap your head around BeHat and PHPSpec, I'm at a 3 or a 4, and I felt lost throughout most of his talk. I do have a bunch of notes for self directed learning, though, and it's great to have starting points.

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Anonymous at 10:20 on 14 Sep 2015

Such an informative talk! I can't wait to start utilizing these tools in my development.

Anonymous at 14:37 on 14 Sep 2015

Excellent talk!