Project Triage: What to Do When It All Hits The Fan


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Lots of good ideas that make sense when you hear it out loud; and I like the idea of "hire an enforcer". Maybe call them a SDEnf? (Software Development Enforcer)

Yay checklists! I'm a big fan, and do the same thing when I make a mistake: add the solution to the process documentation. Spot-on advice and approach in this talk, and a smart, fun presentation.

Great use of anecdotes to highlight productive ways of handling difficult situations.

Best talk I've seen so far. High-level, real, honest, and human. The slides were illustrative, not too wordy, nice and pretty.

Anonymous at 17:28 on 12 Sep 2015

Great talk. And I have seen so much of this myself.

Anonymous at 00:49 on 13 Sep 2015

when you hear it, it seems like common sense, yet many fail to know what to do when it all hits the fan.

"When something goes wrong, calm down, make a plan, and execute it." --my paraphrased takeaway from Eryn's talk.

This was a wonderful presentation with a lot of common sense ideas that can be easy to forget when you're in the hot seat of a client situation. The best suggestion? When something goes wrong, don't just start writing code - it's the easiest way to exacerbate the issue, which only further highlights the importance of things like planning, peer review, and checklists.

Eryn has given this talk at a few other events, and I'm glad I had the chance to see it. You should too, if you get the opportunity.

Thanks you Eryn this was a great talk. I know we have all been in the exact same shoes more then we want to admit sometimes and your advise is exactly how we should all handle problems. Thank you

Great strategies for triaging. Five why's and blameless post mortems are awesome! Staying calm is the most important thing.