Refactoring 101


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I loved your example and in depth explanation of a refactoring process. You highlighed the generic ideas from the start of your talk very well.

Anonymous at 11:00 on 12 Sep 2015

One of my favorites talks of the conference! I really enjoyed how you walked through the step by step process of refactoring. I also liked how you described the different cases for a refactor versus a rewrite.

Lots of overlap with the Clean Application Development, which offered a really good explanation of *why* you should refactor vs. doing a rewrite. This talk used that as a starting point and presented, in good detail, how you identify a good refactor candidate (code smells), strategize your approach, and increment code quality while keeping functionality the same. Adam even offered some suggestions for a way forward from the refactored code he had by the end, pointing out ways to make it even better. Great talk.

Very helpful. Lots of lights popped on ... about things I am doing wrong.

Anonymous at 14:19 on 12 Sep 2015

Great talk, very informational. thank you.

Anonymous at 15:30 on 12 Sep 2015

There was a lot of good information and take-aways in this talk. This was a great introduction to the refactoring concept.

A great deal of content overlap from the Clean App Development workshop, but the core concepts remain valuable and it included some great examples of refactoring in a real world situation (well, as real world as "video stores" are. I think I saw pictures of those in a dictionary once.) Well worth your time for a good quick overview of what Refactoring is and why it's important.

A talk that every developer should listen too.

Anonymous at 10:06 on 14 Sep 2015

I could listen to you talk all day, based on both the wealth of knowledge you share, as well as how well you articulate that knowledge. I thought the example you chose was perfect to get your points across. I definitely plan on taking many of the techniques you discussed into my own development practices.

Great talk! Really well laid out, and well done at explaining what refactor is and is not.

Anonymous at 10:19 on 16 Sep 2015

You mentioned 4 books you recommend for every developer, one of them being Refactoring by Martin Fowler. What were the other 3?