Smelly Tests


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Anonymous at 16:28 on 12 Sep 2015

Thanks for doing the talk. Newbie here. Very informative, love the fast pace. Good content.

Great first run talk! Loved the honest opinions presented by a very passionate tester.

Anonymous at 00:55 on 13 Sep 2015

Chris is passionate about tests. You can tell. if you can't tell, he'll tell you. He makes sure he knows. Despite being a bit higher level vs where my knowledge lives, I still got a number of positives out of the talk, as he knows how to work a room, and keep yout entertained. I had gone in expecting a bit more basic of a talk on testing, as I'm still pretty unfamiliar with it, but I have some great starting points on educating myself. As Chris said, if you're not testing because you don't know how, or it's too confusing, you have no excuse.

It's like being hit by a truck! In a good way...

Anonymous at 10:28 on 14 Sep 2015

Amazing talk! From someone with minimal knowledge of testing, it was a very informative talk and no doubt pointed me in the right direction. Plus, I'm not sure where you got half of your quotes from, but they were truly inspiring! ;)

Great talk I think a lot of us new to TDD took a lot with us form this talk. Differently gave me more confidence that I'm not writing worthless tests.

Great talk, really enjoyed it and it covered a lot of bases - certainly sharpened my thinking around some aspects of testing.

Can't find the slides online though - thought they were supposed to be at ?

Hello folks, I realized I had forgotten that I hadn't actually published the slides.

I have flipped the correct bit and you can find them at