Speaking for Speakers


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A lot of great material in this talk. Josh has a background in drama and can really speak to how to own a stage so that your content can shine.

Excellent presentation and Josh's usual fantastic work. This material needs to be turned into a book to be sent to first time speakers!

Anonymous at 00:50 on 13 Sep 2015

too many slides, fonts were too tiny to read, too many topic crammed into one section, hence the talk was rushed and not everything was covered.

Agreed with everything Josh had to say, I like how he talked to a number of speakers to get their advice as well. I'll need to read the blog post!

The slides were fully of valuable information but they were hard to read as is. A little bigger font and/or a direct connection to what Josh was saying at the time would have been helpful.

As is, it was multi-threaded and hard to follow.. but both threads were great.