Taking the Plunge with OOP


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Super Knowledgeable presenter who presented a surprise presentation in the uncon that I swear to god was a belated birthday gift specifically for me sent from whatever higher power you subscribe to. She started at the basics and using really simple, relatable metaphors stepped through the entire process from 'This is a class' to 'And know you understand Polymorphism and the difference between 'typeHINTING' and 'typeCASTING'. I highly recommend attending this presentation if your confused or scared by OOP.

Also - she welcomed any question, and never had any issue with going over a point a second or third time if the point wasn't quite sticking yet. She is great.

Well presented and a good coverage of the concepts and vocabulary.

Overall, I liked the structure. By focusing on terms it allowed people unfamiliar with the concepts to know what to search later.

One thing that could be improved are the examples that were spoken about. It was a bit hard to follow at times. Perhaps explaining inheritance by showing a graph on the slides would be a bit better than just using spoken words...