Database version control without pain


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Very interesting and concise talk

Very good, very clear, well sructured and well presented talk.

Very nice talk, interesting stuff

harrie is an excellent speaker and he described this topic very well. I did miss a mention doctrine and how it handles migrations

Best talk so far. Great slides and well structured talk :)

Very good talk, learned quite some new things

Great talk though I had to share a tear about the code sample... Other then that, very good!

I like the (very) familiar tactics and the familiar problems. I'm somewhat glad to hear that there is no "one size fits all" solution.. yet.

Very interesting because I not heard of it before.

Good talker, is nice and slow but not boring. Interacts with the audience well and repeats questions asked by the audience (big bonuspoint!)

Only point of improvement I can think of is to have less of a Dutch accent :p but from my experience that is not very easy.. but other than that it I understand it all perfectly well.

What a great guy / speaker. Very good and clear talk as well.

Clearly and objectively explained. Excellent presentation.

Great talk. He explained it in a very good way, it seemed so simple.

Very interesting and clear presentation. Also some nice solutions given, although i think he forgot the solutions to name his patchfiles after source control revision numbers.

This was a great talk, my personal favorite of the day! Very interesting subject and really looked forward to this speech. It has met and exceeded my expectations in every way.

It covered all the variaties of database version management and all the positive and negative points about each way were presented in a very understandable way. Pretty though job, considering the short amount of time Verveer had on stage. A job very well done!

A wonderful talk by Harrie, with a solution to a problem we didn't even realise we had. In short this talk had immediate useful application, and that's the best kind of talk there is :)

Very good, very interesting, and no promises beforehand on the silver bullet so no (additional) disappointment there. I would have appreciated a bit more out-of-the-box thinking as suggested in questions from the audience (like: why isn't merging possible as well, or saving the structure as text so you can merge)