PHP and Adobe


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lots of promotion for adobe tools. some interesting examples but not really keynote material

A bit too commercial for me

Nice intro to flex. It was a bit commercial, but what else do you expect of a sponsor :)

Nice sales pitch of Adobe but intersting

I loved Flex, and I think it's a very interesting tool for desktop applications, but I still see Flash as an addition to my webcontent, and not as a replacer. Nice try though ;)

Looked more like a Flex promo:-) but it showed the possibilities of Flex in combination with PHP on the right way.

An informative Adobe products promo with some good examples.

A bit of a promotional/commercial talk, but what would you expect from a mainsponsor. At least Adobe didn't try to sell their product so obvious as Microsoft did at their speech.

Really enjoyed this and am astonished by the powerful examples given by Rooms. Definitly worth looking into a bit further.

Informative, link with PHP was not too tight.

Felt a bit too commercial to me. I admit that i don't like Adobe and Flash specifically, so maybe that made me a bit biased. Still, a keynote that speaks to a broader audience would have been a lot better. I'm not Adobe-minded and i probably never will be.