Testing untestable code


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Learned again a few important rules, realizing I'm sitting on a bunch of hard to test legacy code.


Really interesting talk! I learned some new cool tricks I can use. It's clear you know a lot about the subject you're talking about.

Learned a number of very useful new tricks (some of them I'm afraid to pass on to coworkers ;-)), which I'm definitely going to apply in upcoming work on legacy code.

The presentation was very interesting! I knew some of these tricks in Java, but never thought of it in PHP. I learned a lot and I will certainly use it.

Clearly this subject was closer to Stephan's line of work or interest. It was presented more clearly and more enthusiastically than the DI-talk. Some very, very ugly legacy code with some very creative solutions. Lots of fun to watch, hopefully I will never have to use it!