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Pretty good story about a hated subject ;)

It was kinda humorous, because we saw the NOS presentation before, which stated kinda the obvious. But all in all a good presentation, and you were not distracted by some of the 'trolling' listeners :p
Correctly graded Beginner.

Probably the most important subject what programmers don't like to talk about. Every aspect was mentioned and i even heard some new ones. Great talk!

Zeer informatieve en waardevolle presentatie door een bevlogen spreker.

Looked forward to this subject. Was dissapointed. Informative speech but it covered the already known basics. I expected a more pragmatic approach covering one or more methodologies for documentation. A real example instead of the theorie which is well known: requirements -> functional -> technical -> implementation.

This wasn't very refreshing. I kept hoping that a sample project would be presented with examples how this project was documented (which parts did and especially which did not get documented?), which tools were used to do this, how and why was this decided, and how the documentation improved the team working on this project. And an honest estimate (or budgetting) of the cost of this all for this particulair project.

Koopmanschap seemed a bit out of breath during the whole speech (nerves?). Had no problems with this because if he was nervous he really had no reason to, he presented the information quite good, only compliments there. He was holing my attention although I wasn't really blown away by what was told.

Boring... ik viel in slaap. Weinig nieuws (ok, het was voor beginners), weinig praktische waarde.

Excellent talk about a much feared subject. I always try to encourage proper documentation, but i admit that i sometimes omit writing documentation when there is little time. Stefan showed that basic documentation doesn't have to cost a lot of extra time, and that every little bit counts.