PFCongres is the web development conference of the year. For the sixth year in a row, we welcome a large group of web developers to update their knowledge. Just like last year, you can expect a full-day conference with two simultaneous tracks. So, just make your pick!

Saturday 17th September 2011

09:10 Community works!
Keynote by Michelangelo van Dam in English Room
10:05 Introductie van kwaliteitsmanagement - een praktische benadering
Talk by Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems in Nederlandse Zaal
Mastering namespaces in PHP
Talk by Nick Belhomme in English Room
11:00 Let's live inside the browser
Talk by Richard Tuin in Nederlandse Zaal
The new era of PHP frameworks
Talk by Juozas Kaziukėnas in English Room
11:55 CSS technieken toegelicht
Talk by Robin Poort in Nederlandse Zaal
PHP Extensions, why and what?
Talk by Derick Rethans in English Room
13:30 Case study: Socializing the world of travel
Talk by Jeroen van Dijk in Nederlandse Zaal
SPL Data Structures and their Complexity
Talk by Jurriën Stutterheim in English Room
14:25 DocBlox: your source matters
Talk by Mike van Riel in Nederlandse Zaal
15 Protips for MySQL users
Talk by Joshua Thijssen in English Room
Rated 2
MongoDB, een introductie
Talk by Leon Renkema in Nederlandse Zaal
Lost In The Cloud: cloud computing, hope or hype?
Talk by Thijs Feryn in English Room
Rated 3
Develop your career!
Talk by Diederick van der Knaap in Nederlandse Zaal
Rated 5
PHP – Status Check
Keynote by Zeev Suraski in Nederlandse Zaal