DocBlox: your source matters


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good and clear overview of current docblox features and future plans.

Interessante talk over DocBlox. Kan niet wachten op Sphinx Doc integratie.

Good presentation, felt a bit like a sales talk other than an explanation on what it really is. The speaker obviously is prejudiced because he is the developer of the software.

Other than that DocBlox seems like an interesting piece of software.

Every time i read or hear something about Docblox it sounds more awesome then it already was. Thanks a lot for giving Docblox to the community Mike! And your talk was great!

Great talk about Docblox. Nice to get an explanation of whats happening under the hood, what the features are, and what the future plans of Docblox are.
Very well presented, in a natural way of speaking.

Good speaker. Maybe trying a bit to hard to "sell" is software. But still, you can see his knowledge of the program is there, and he is really open for comments, and seeks confirmation with the audience to see if they are keeping up.

Mike came across as very relaxed and confident, convinced of the qualities of his baby. I loved the presentation and wasn’t bored, even though I have been using DocBlox for months already. The code examples in the slides were unreadable, but Mike handled that fine.

Good clear presentation. It came close to "selling the product", but not too close.
Only bad thing was the examples that weren't readable on the slides.

I don't have to mention the readability of the slides, Mike knows this already.
The story itself was clear: what is DocBlox, what you can do with it, some pointers to future versions and also some key points for developers. The one thing I missed a little was the plugin architecture in more depth. However, Mike has promised he will elaborate more on this when the release is there.
Good job Mike!