Introductie van kwaliteitsmanagement - een praktische benadering


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JW at 10:33 on 17 Sep 2011

Talk was fine. Quality Management is a good thing to do. Good overview on the subject.

Clear overview of the topic, discussion afterwards probably gets people anxious and on their way with quality management :)

Great presentation! You see, no nerves needed. Good flow, good speed, clear voice

Broad talk about quality management in general with focus on the coders. Maybe client communication and manuel testing is missing. Personal I think the talk could be slightly more in-depth on the why's and how's.

We have implemented most of which she spoke about. its feels good to know we are on the right track.

p.s. the Framework slide is pretty unreadable.

Good speaker, but needlessly nervous at start. She has a clear voice, her beeing nervous makes it a bit hard to follow. She becomes more clear further into the presentation.

The depth of the presentation is okay for the time that she has. Some subjects seem a bit more rushed than others, would be great if she works a bit more on that timing.

Nice overview on how to approach quality management. Nice to have some pointers. For my part I would have liked to know a little bit more about what the day-to-day process of QM looks like. It's great that you mention CI but it would have been interesting to hear some more about what CI can deliver for QM.
Very good time management on the talk BTW!

quality management is a interesting subject! thx for your great note!!

Good talk about the subject. I liked the personal experiences she told about.

First talk ever! Well done.... Hope to see a more in depth one on parts of the presentation.

Great presentation with an interesting topic. Well done, especially for your first talk :)

Good talk, although a little bit rushed for something that can be very complex. Must have been the nerves. Got a lot better during questions. Could have gotten a little more in depth (unit tests come to mind) but I thoroughly enjoyed the personal experience bits and pieces.

Excellent talk, good content, but could sometimes go a little bit more in-depth.

A few pointers though:
- Please don't say you're not that interesting, everybody is :-)
- In the framework choice slide, try to put some more contrast so that the logos are all nicely visible.
- It was a bit short, but that was okay because there were plenty of questions. However, do repeat the question after people have asked it as the audience can most often not hear the original question-asker.
- For some of the questions (and answers) that you got, it would probably make sense to put them in the next version of the talk.
- I think it would also help to give a few practical examples. Most of what you spoke about is very theoretical, and of course that doesn't always work. (I realize that you don't want to always use the company you work for as example though :) ).
- Give some examples of technical dept.

Still, excellent talk and looking forwards to the next version.

Lineke had a good and clear story. If she intended in the excellent discussion to ensue, then props to her. If she didn’t, then even more props to her for talking about her personal experience and what others can learn from it. If PHP needs one thing it’s QM! I was told she was nervous, but I barely noticed and it absolutely didn’t bother me. There was nothing to be nervous about, because she did great.

Taught me how to handle my management and really showed "the other side" when you're using QM. Interesting all the way and had some very good points.

I did feel let down when you explained everything about Unit Testing and when asked about it said you were not using it yet.

Anonymous at 15:35 on 19 Sep 2011

Your excellent speech and the discussion afterwards left me wondering about these questions:

Is there really a quick and dirty method of programming? Is there really a technical debt? Or is dirty rather always slow? Can your management understand these issues? Programmers who are pushed to the limit qua time certainly are not the most productive... A professional programmer is always clean, and quick ;)