Lost In The Cloud: cloud computing, hope or hype?


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Thijs is a great speaker, really enjoyed this talk

Anonymous at 22:34 on 17 Sep 2011

Really great. Good explanation of the stuff. Not new but very good explained.

What Tim said, great talk. You can see that Thijs is very enthusiastic about the topic, and he makes his point very clear.

Easily the best speaker and the single best talk of the congress. Beautiful slides, good pace, relevant questions, quick to interact with the audience, and clearly a solid knowledge on the subject and connected areas of expertise. The talk did excactly what I hoped it would: debunk the marketeers' Cloud and bring it back to the developers and entrepreneur. Oh, and kudos for the T-shirt (I got 99 problems but my host ain't one) ^^

The other speakers were great, but Thijs is ‘hors category’. If giving presentations were a mmorpg, he would be a lvl 90 paladin. Or orc. I don’t know, I don’t play mmorps, but he absolutely rocked. If you ever get the chance to see him speak, take that chance. The talk was very polished: the slides were high quality, Thijs was very knowledgeable and engaging and he interacted with the audience extremely well.

Cloud Conference organizers cannot afford to have Thijs not-on-the-speakers-list. He is a natural! *5 thumbs up*

*5 thumbs up*