PHP Extensions, why and what?


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Very interesting talk. Learned a lot about PHP extensions and how they work.

I knew they existed, but never really been active with them. This speach inspired me to dig into extensions.

informative and entertaining talk, might have tipped the balance in favour of trying taking up extension writing for the fun of it :)

Having not a lot of knowledge or experience with the internal workings of php extensions, I came to the talk looking for an overview. My goals were to find out where and how php extensions are useful, and how to get started generally. These questions were answered, but also it was great to see some source code and tips for things to be aware of. The talk was well-paced and it's always nice to hear a PHP talk from a core developer. As usual, another fine talk by Derick!

I hardly knew anything about the inner works of php extensions before your talk. The talk was very clear, fun and inspiring. I'm even considering making an extension of my own! Well done :)

Anonymous at 22:44 on 17 Sep 2011

What should i say. A great session like we know from Derick.

A good speaker with experience and devotion. I learned a lot, and my opinion that making a php extension would be difficult changed for the better.

Interesting talk, it kinda convinced me not to start writing any extensions myself, but that's not the speaker to blame ;). I'm glad other people do and I have a much better understanding what you can or cannot do with extensions.

Derick is an amazing speaker. He is very funny, relaxed and insightful wish a dash of healthy nerd. I learned a lot and had a great time. He may have given me the best tip anyone has ever given me: just look at what others before you did and try to copy what you need.

I agree with Pim: Derick is a very comfortable speaker. His talk was interesting and made clear to me what you can and can not do with extensions. And apparently there are real people behind these extensions! I won't be joining them as this talk also gave me a global insight in how these extensions are written. However, I do have to express my thankfulness to the writers of the extensions. Without them, my developers life would be harder.