Alice & bob: Public key cryptography 101


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Another well-researched talk by Joshua. Nice introduction for those who don't know anything about cryptography. Could be a bit more in-depth in my opinion, but the completeness is good and Joshua is an experienced and entertaining speaker.

As usual, very good talk by Joshua.

Great talk, very interesting to learn something about the subject

The presentation made me realize how little I actually knew about something I often use and take for granted. Got me interested enough to do more research later.
Very well presented.

I've tried to get an overview of encryption before, but this presentation finally put some pieces of the puzzle in their place. Well presented, good examples to explain it all. A few spelling mistakes in the slides (I know d's and t's in Dutch are hard for a lot of people) but overall a facinating presentation.

It was a nice presentation with a good speaker but it was what difficult on the mathematics stuf.

A good introduction, but a lot of information for the time available.

I thought to give this session a try although i'm not really into cryptography . I was amazed by how understandable it was presented. Top!

I learned a lot just by listening to Joshua! Thanks.

Good introduction to cryptography. I really have an idea about how it works after only this session.

Interesting subject + presentation!

I already knew & use public key cryptography.
It was very interesting that you showed us some basic mathematical background information!